Out with the New, in with the Old

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"Surveys show that a majority still prefer getting news on TV or on paper. Not everyone wants to watch the news online or on their mobile phone. Now all wheels will need reinventing."
(Beckett, Supermedia p. 17)

This makes me hopeful for the future. Quite possibly one of the only conservative things about me, I don't like the widespread conquest of technology over every facet of our lives. New inventions like computers are useful, but reinventing those things so that we have to spend even more time in front of a computer is disgusting to me. I hate spending time in front of a computer. I don't want to listen to all of my music in iTunes; I want to listen to my music on a CD in my car, or better yet, on cassette or on vinyl in my room (which feels so much more real). I feel the same way about news. Sometimes, I random headline will catch my attention on my way to check my email in MSN, but all that does is increase the amount of time I stare into a computer screen. I don't want to sit in front of a television screen to be fed news. When I want news, I want to be able to read it on paper while I'm sitting outside, or while I'm on break at work. I don't want the newspaper to become extinct.

The world's increasing dependence on advanced technology is frightening. Technology is not always reliable (Seton Hill's server was down for the greater part of last night, preventing me from doing this assignment earlier). What if something much more important went down, like something for the government or the Pentagon? But more importantly, what if technology becomes too advanced? This may sound like a silly and old question, but it is an important question to keep in mind. This is why Terminator was made.

Keep technology on a leash. Newspapers can't enslave the human race; computers can.


Jeremy Barrick said:

Technology is a fairly new thing. It has instilled fear in most people that are not savvy. It is sort of like joining a gang. One never knows what to expect at first.

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