Setonian Online: A New Hope

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A lot needs to be done for our Setonian Online. Many bugs - links that go nowhere and other small errors - need to be fixed. The website definitely needs a facelift with some more colors outside of greyscale and a less generic layout. I think the most important thing to do is to let people know that it even exists. I don't think I even knew of the website until last semester.

But of course, all of this is easier said than done, etc. Especially when only one person is responsible for the website. Jeremy needs a staff. I'm willing to be a part of that staff.

My suggestions: I've brought up the idea of putting videos of bands that I review on the website, and in a discussion with Dr. Jerz, ideas of putting up mp3's, NPR-style review segments, and possible interviews with the bands themselves came up. Interviewing a particular band would depend on what band would actually be around in time for me to write a review, but it's a cool idea nonetheless. In the realm of overall website improvements, I would definitely add some Flash; however, I have little experience working with Flash, so I'm not much help there. Video and narrated slideshow segments would be interesting as well, and I have some editing skills in video and audio, so I could help there. 

I think simple changes can have a drastic impact on the website. SF Cabbie and South of Here are really innovative but still have simple layouts; their appeal, aside from having interesting subject matter, lies in their highly interactive layout styles and various videos, especially the narrated slideshows with captions on South of Here's site. Where Doubt Remains has a layout not drastically different than the Setonian Online, but it takes advantage of linking to so many different entries and articles, exposing the reader to a seemingly neverending stream of content, which would be useful for a newspaper.

Turning the Setonian Online into an award-winning website may be a long endeavor, but our EL200 class can take many small steps to lead future students on that path.

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