Planting the seed of an Evergreen story

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Angle: Alternative things to do in the city of Greensburg
-Places to hang out or check out
-Events that go on in Greensburg (local music venues, etc.)

People I can interview by next week:
-JR from Egality (confirmed)
-Ben Geiger from Annclarity (confirmed)
-Jon Stefaniak from the Hormones (yet to contact)
-Probably Gabe Felice from DV8 Coffee Shop (yet to contact)

People I am also interested in interviewing:
-Someone from the Skateshop
-The lady in charge of the Keynote Cafe

Sidebar - not quite sure what this is exactly...but:
-Local bands worth checking out (mini music reviews?)


Sounds good. Would a map be a useful illustration?

A sidebar is literally an extra column off to the side of the main article, with related content, such as a personality profile, a list of tips, suggestions for further reading, a historical timeline, etc. (The editor might cut it if there isn't enough room... freelance writers can often get a bit of extra money by offering to sell a sidebar, so it's good practice.)

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