April 13, 2005

Blog Portfolio 2

Now that two thirds of the semester has passed, I offer my second blog portfolio:

In Revisiting Thoreau - A Great Figure I was able to revisit a text that I had read in High School. Reflecting on the selected chapters from Walden I found that because I am never truly alone I have never been able to really listen and take in every little thing around me. In this blog I also discussed William Carlos Williams' poem "The Great Figure" and the accompanying painting by Demuth. Because I experienced them with the selections from Walden, I perceived the figure 5 as being a solitary figure surrounded by chaos, able to maintain its independent existence.

In Brooklynn Bridge and WTC I discussed Crane's poem "To Brooklynn Bridge," Dr. Jerz's weblog "World Trade Center: Literary and Cultural Reflections," and McNeill's article "Skyscraper Geography." Here, I discussed the aesthetic value of cities, New York in particular, and related my own experiences with the Brooklynn Bridge and WTC to those in the texts. I was discussed the symbolic value of skyscrapers and skylines in reference to 9/11 and the film Metropolis

My blog entitled Expressionism used the wikipedia definition, and the definition given in Dr. Jerz's "American Expressionism: The Hairy Ape (1922) and The Adding Machine (1923)," as reference points for my discussion on how the films Metropolis and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, along with Capek's play RUR and Antheil's Ballet Mechanique reflect expressionism in their attempt to make sense of the growing relationship between man and machine.

In my blog Intelligent Artifice I discussed my experiences with the IF game "Adventure" and the chatterbox ELIZA. I yet again related this blog to Metropolis in my questions regarding the future of our relationship with technology.

In Intelligent Machines, I discussed both the first section of Galatea 2.2 and the rough draft of Dr. Jerz's article "You Are Standing at the Beginning of a Road..." in relation to both a person's ability to learn from the IF and a machine's ability to learn from a human.

In Galatea 2.2, Part 2, I examined the character of Richard Powers and his relationships to the women and machines in his life. I suggested that perhaps his failed relationship with C. was not only the reason he needed a connection with his mechanical creation, but the reason why he was reluctant to enter into a relationship with Diana.

I used this blog to discuss the idea of imitation versus reality in not only the end of Galatea 2.2 but also in many of the earlier texts we read for this class. In doing so, I found myself asking what it is that separates us from machines such as Helen.

In Video Games as Instructional Tools I discussed problem solving strategies used in Pick Up Ax and in video games such as "Colossal Cave Adventure." I related my absense of video game experience to Heller's real life and virtual experiences in Crowther's cave and discussed how each affects ones ability to problem solve.

In my final blog, Utopian Entrepreneur, I discussed my reactions to Brenda Laurel's assertions as to why girls don't play as many video games as boys and suggested that instead of creating a seperate video game for girls we should strive to create a video game that places an emphasis on not only the digital aesthetics but on the characters and plot as well.

Thank you.

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