October 31, 2005

IANS Ch. 6-7

Answers are sometimes determined (and always influenced) by the questions - the exact wording of the questions posed by the interviewers, the order in which the questions are asked, and in some cases even the way in which they are asked (in person or via the telephone).

Now, I know that this quote pertains to surveys and polling, but it is a good general rule to keep in mind when doing any kind of interviewing. The way a question is asked really influences the way someone will answer and often puts the interviewers own biases upon the interviewee.

For instance, the a reporter needs to choose his words carefully when interviewing an important public figure because certain words or phrases may cause the interviewee to clamp up, others may make him or her open up and give the reporter some really juicy information.

Lesson learned? Choose your words carefully.

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