November 11, 2005

Alias Revisited

As you may have noticed from many of my past blogs, I am a big fan of the TV show Alias. In fact, I even did a presentation and paper on the show for my Media Aesthetics class.

I am not a blind fan, however. This new season stinks. As we all know, Jennifer Garner is heavily pregnant. They've written her pregnancy into the show and as a result, butt-kicking Sydney is forced to sit on the sidelines. Instead, they have introduced two new and underdeveloped characters who command no respect or love from the audience. To make it worse, Sydney's long-time mentor and love interest (Vaughn) has been written off the show.

While stunned and devastated by Vaughn's death, I was also intrigued. Without Vaughn, Sydney would have so many new hurdles, and her family dynamic would become even more twisted. None of this happened, though. His death has been almost completely ignored and Sydney has hardly had to cope or grieve. What could have been an amazingly dramatic storyline was just thrown away.

In addition to that, the whole "what's good is bad and bad is good" theme has been terribly overdone. The long-time lovable yet terrifying villian Sloane is given cheasy scenes and dialogue. Sydney's commanding father is hardly ever seen on screen, and the action sequences have become (I didn't think it was possible) even campier.

I'm mad, because what should be one of the richest seasons of the show is one of the lamest. Had this been the season last year, I know I would not have chosen it to spend so much time on for Media Aesthetics.

End rant.

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