December 02, 2005

We the Media (Ch. 3-5)

CEO blogs are useful. Even better, in many cases, are blogs and other materials from people down the ranks. For journalists, some of the most valuable communications from inside companies come from the rank and file, or from managers well below the senior level. Why not let them communicate with the public, too? (Gillmor 74)

Before reading this chapter, I didn't realize just how extensive the blogosphere has become. Even though I have used blogs as a classroom tool, I still held the misconception that they were used primarily as a tool for teenagers and editorialists to express their thoughts and opinions. The idea that CEOs or corporate companies used blogs never would have crossed my mind.

Because of this, I have done a little blog searching, and I found a blog that is very informative about the publishing world - GalleyCat. It posts news and events, deals, job listings and freelancers. On a geekier note, HPANA is a blog that regularly posts Harry Potter news and events.

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