December 02, 2005

We the Media (Ch. 6-7)

Journalists aren’t some exotic species, they’re everyone who seeks to take new developments, put them into writing, and share them with others.

I really liked this quote because one thing this course has taught me is that you don't have to be a "journalist" to report the news. With the advent of blogging, anyone anywhere at any time can produce and report news. Mike Sichok proved that point when he reported on an accident that occured outside of his apartment.

Now that blogging has become so widespread, people have the ability to report what they see, know and hear. We are not limited to the stories published by our local papers - we can find news from any part of the world. We can also correct news that we read on others' blogs. If someone has misreported an incident, we have the ability to correct that mistake. With print journalism, any mistakes have to be addressed through a letter to the editor and a formal correction. This process usually takes a while, and not everyone can witness the correction. With online journalism, those corrections can be instantaneous.

Because the repercussions to making a mistake in print journalism are so much greater than in online journalism, I feel that print journalists are more cautious about making mistakes. They have editors and fact checkers, and are constantly making sure that all bias is eliminated. Online journalists don't have that - they need to rely on their own internal editor and the span of readership their site may receive.

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