December 02, 2005

We the Media (Ch. 8-10)

In these chapters, Gillmor discusses some of the dangers of online journalism, most notably the copy and paste method or reporting. Here, someone can easily paste selective parts of text into their own, possibly misleading the reader. While I agree that this is a valid issue, I do not think that it is unique to online writing - it is just easier online.

Back in high school when we first learned how to write essays, I remember my English teacher warning us about inappropriate use of quotations, and the sins of not giving context to a quote, or only using a small and unrepresentative section of a quote. This was also reinforced in News Writing when we learned about interviews and quoting sources - while quoting a statement may be true, the omission of its context may be misleading.

While the copy and paste method of reporting may be easier and more prevalent in online journalism, it is a problem that all consumers of any form of news need to be aware exists.

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