December 02, 2005

We the Media (Ch. 11, 12 and Epilogue)

As I write this last blog entry, I must say that I enjoyed this book. It really opened my eyes to online media and really made me think about the virtues and faults of online and print journalism. While I know I will not be a "real journalist," the skills I have learned in this class will certainly help me in my chosen field of book publishing, and my newfound awareness of the blogosphere will keep me up-to-date with the current trends and technology.

I really enjoyed Ashley's presentation. It was extremely informative and really helped clarify the cookies problem; I am still confused, however. I had a vague idea of cookies before this section - mostly that they were bad. But now I know that some cookies are good as they help speed up our searches and save our preferences. I did a search of the cookies on my computer, but they really didn't give any clue as to what each cookie did. I would like to delete the "bad cookies" but am reluctant to delete the "good cookies."

Regardless, great job, Ashley!

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