February 19, 2004

New Forms of Suicide

In our day and age we have been bombarded with violence both in entertainment and in the news. We can't turn on the TV without hearing about the latest creative murder, suicide, or unintentional death. For whatever reason, our culture finds these deaths facinating, and we watch them with a sick interest. I myself and guilty of this, for I have always loved the Hannibal Lector books and movies, and I find myself glued to the news with that same sense of interested horror. In many cases, I have turned away and commented on the depravity of human beings, or merely sat back in disgust. But today, I found myself laughing.

I keep CNN.com as my homepage, and while perusing the many articles, I came across one with the headline: Hundreds of Coins Found in Patient's Belly. The article went on to tell of a man who had eaten 12 lbs, and $650 worth of coins. Doctors had to extract his stomach, and the man died four days later.

No death should be funny - but I couldn't stop laughing anyway.

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February 09, 2004

Rough Draft

All critiques are welcome on this short excerpt of fiction. I've been having some trouble with the descriptions, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears! Here goes:

His hometown in Jersey was exactly 37 miles west of Manhattan, but Jack hadn't been home since he left for Columbia University twelve years ago. Jack loved everything about the city - the screaming cabbies, the 24-hour McDonalds delivery, the women who bought $400 shoes. Most of all, he loved that he could forget that he was from New Jersey.

Jack cringed as he drove past one cheap 50's-style diner after another. If there was one thing Jersey was good at, it was making sure that class stayed far away from the state. He was supposed to be taking a very classy girl to the Rainbow Room tonight, a girl who had lived in New York so long she couldn't remember if she had any other roots. Instead, he was driving a rental car down Jersey backroads, begrudgingly facing his own roots.

The old IGA flew past, with the "Great Food for Less" sign tilted at the exact same angle as he remembered it. McGinty's Bar was right where he'd left it, with the customary Saturday afternoon crowd parked in the lot. When he turned onto his street, he felt his stomach tighten as he passed one familiar house after another. The Hendersons still had their old Chevey parked in the driveway, even though they had stopped driving long before Jack had left New Jersey.

Each house on Myrtle Ave. was exactly the same. They were all built in the 1950's, when creativity and architecture didn't get along. Each was painted with a non-descript grey-blue, and had a small white porch in the front to convince outsiders that the owners were a quaint and happy family...

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February 04, 2004

Date Auction

The Equestrian Team is hosting a Date Auction and Luau Thursday, Feb. 12. It's your basic "buy a date for valentine's day while dressed in grass skirts" kinda thing. Anyone gutsy enough should volunteer to auction themselves off. It's totally not embarrassing, cause we'll make sure people buy you. No one will get stranded up there, I promise. =) Anyone who's interested in auctioning themselves off, or wants more info before committing, please let me know!

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