March 30, 2004

Death be not proud...

In researching the life of John Donne and his poem Death Be Not Proud, I was not surprised to find that he had been an Anglican minister, and that this poem was included in a group of Holy Sonnets. It has a very religious theme, dealing with the afterlife. I think that the last two lines: "One short sleepe past, wee wake eternally/And death shall be no more;death, thou shalt die" are very poignent, for the speaker tells Death that he will die, and that the speaker will go on to live eternally in heaven. Death is meaningless to the speaker, for he knows that it is no more than a wonderful sleep, for he will wake and find himself in the kingdom of God.

What I found very beautiful when reasearching this poem was that it was written shortly after Donne's wife had passed away. I think that if I lost someone so close to me, I would be angry at death. This poem shows how strong Donne's faith was. He was able to get past his sorrow and comfort himself in the knowledge that his wife is now living eternally with God.

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March 29, 2004

Construction Site Blues

Now I know that the construction of the New Residence Hall is necessary and beneficial, but that does not stop me from wanting my view back. My roomie and I were very excited in the beginning of the year when we were given our room on first floor Brownlee with a wonderful view of that gorgeous field. We had planned picnics and whatnot for the spring, and throughout the winter could not wait for the snow to melt so that we could have our field back. Looking out our window at the lush green grass was comforting and inspiring.

Now it has changed. Four very impertinent Land Movers have decided to dig up our beautiful field, and they have turned it into a mound of dirt and rocks. If that wasn't bad enough, we cannot even enjoy the long-awaited spring air by keeping our window open because of the incridible noise they make.

I know that the New Residence Hall is important, but I want my beautiful field back =(

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March 11, 2004

Blank Verse

I know I took the As You Like It quiz,
And thought I'd got an A; But Oh! I'm found
Blank Versing on this fine, spring sunny day.
This task I find not daunting, but perhaps
A tad ill-tim'd, for I must turn my blank
Verse in to Jerz - before the proper time.

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March 02, 2004

Gay Marriage

After reading Amanda's Blog, I also got to thinking about the gay marriage issue. What I can't believe is that it is even an issue. Our country is not a Christian nation, it is a secular state. We should not be making laws based on what the bible says. Our constitution clearly states that there should be equality and justice for all. When this was written, it excluded African Americans and women from the word "all," but as the times changed, and these parties began demanding their rights, our constitution was changed to accomodate the rest of America's citizens. Why should America stop our tradition of equality now? Not only is prohibiting gay marriage unconstitutional and unAmerican, it is stupid. Allowing gays to marry will severly cut down gay promiscuity and AIDS. It will give them a reason to stay in a relationship, and a reason to look for a stable relationship, rather than living promiscuously.

10% of our population is gay. It is time to face the facts and realize that we cannot ignore that homosexuality exists.

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