May 5, 2005

Scrapbook from the Scribe: The Journey Cont'd

So, the end of American Blogging er.... American Lit. has come so soon. (Sorry, Dr. Jerz, I couldn’t resist ;-)

Along the way, I strove to learn more about my craft, literature, but of course for this class, with an American bent. Among my favorite works to read, Updike’s, Best American Short Stories of the Century, contained several great stories. Lucy Loves in All the Wrong Places certainly sparked my classmates interest to comment as did Mero, the Half-skinned Man. I followed up this discussion on Holly Waite’s site, and she included it in her blog portfolio. Annoyance was Never So Well Crafted was a rather fun piece to write while Toomer’s Bloody Moon was more of a entry for the sake of it while I really poured out my heart during the class discussion. But I think the most fun we had in class was talking about You’re SEX Ugly SEX Too SEX!!! while sitting on the floor! Why are Beautiful Women Bonkers? was my attempt to answer the unanswerable question, and lastly, The Trend of Perversity in Pop Literature, was my heartfelt plea to question the status quo of filling up a pop lit. best seller with references to unneeded sensuality.

While I attempted to elicit comments on my comments and spark conversation, I didn’t always succeed. However, when my attempts were returned positively, as was the case with Mina one day outside of class, and with my eye towards possible extra credit, I was always thrilled.

This last half of the semester I continued my trend of using pictures tactfully, and actually got trackbacks to work a few times. In addition, I began to utilize the most helpful class index of recently written blogs.

This class will be sadly missed, in part because my other English teachers do not stress blogging and in part because the dialogue in class was so spirited, free-flowing, and insightful.

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