September 28, 2005

Elements of Journalism

Arguably the most thought-provoking and helpful text this semester, The Elements of Journalism defines journalism for contemporary times, setting down rules and guidelines for the ethics and purpose of Journalism. For instance, one guideline is the statement that, “Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.” This may seem elementary at first but the fact that reporters are increasingly having to “kowtow” to the pressures of bonuses and business, it is an unfortunately phenomenon that truth it taking a hit.
Among the most recent examples that I can think of, although not included in our text, Dan Rather’s whole debacle which led to his resignation as chief editor basically surrounded getting out a sensational story as fast as possible. Perhaps if the truth was first in line instead of dollar signs- well maybe “the Don” of News would have checked his facts a little better and would still be running his little show.
Truth, I feel is needed desperately it times like these.- Well, actually in any time. But especially now, perhaps, since in our current day of the Internet and of course blogs (blogs debatably had a rather prominent role in debunking Rather and ultimately in exerting enough pressure that he stepped down from his CBS high horse) truth is so accessible. As responsible citizens, then, it is imperative that we seek out impartial and honest news reporting. To be an informed citizen is to be the most authentic and profitable-to-society citizen that I can be.

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