September 28, 2005

Blog Portfolio Round One

Here are my blog entries so far. Yes they are rather far and few between. I have no excuse but will strive to do better next time. This semester has started out late and is just beginning to pick up for me. One happy note in this class is my appreciation for Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel's The Elements of Journalism. I feel that I am defintely learning concepts from this text and I'm sure O'Reily book will prove the same. Lastly, these entries serve to balance out the feeling of dread every time I start to write a news article, that emotion that hisses, this writing will dumb you down, and make your writing short and choppy!

Elements of Journalism - A look at the statement "Journalism's first obligation is to the truth."

Elements of Journalism Chapter 3-5 - A discussion of the relevance, credibility of the media and "Journalism's first loyalty is to citizens."

The Comment Primo/The Link Gracious - A comment I left on Johanna's site, concerning the blamegame coverage of Katrina

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I just want to say everyboby that helped and that are were in is truly a hero i dont know what maybe i could have did if i was in but i know i probably couldnt be that strong life is hard its self and to have that hit your home town i dont know what i would do and that is just my little word to help you out with your day

Posted by: JaNay McEachin at February 21, 2007 10:47 AM
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