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recent article

yesterday I found an article online that was called, Drug Trade Passing By, Takes Root in Mexico. It was found in the new york times. The article explained the recent increase in cases that were made by the Police that within the past three years more and more drugs were coming into Mexico and are being used by locals. Not until recently only marijuana was the only drug being used and reported by Police. Now there are more cases of herion, crack and ice are being reported. I thought this was very intersting article because it is not uncommon specially in heavy populated cities like New York to have people be addicts to more than just marijuana. In the United States there is always stories about addicts that give up everything for drugs. I can remember a tv show that I watched on TLC I think that was called intervention. It showed families dealing with a particular family member on meth or crack. I thought this show was interesting along with the article to see how far the addicts will go for a quick fix or a 5 sec high. In this particular article there was a woman named Lupita that had to give up her kids so they would have a better life. I thought that mexico had a lot of drug issues just because of what movies and stuff show about this country. I didnĀ“t realize just recently within the past 3 years it is becoming a problem.


When I was in town at a bar a bum took one of my beers and just started crying after he drank it, alcohol is the biggest gateway drug and him taking it just shows that if they are willing to steal for a single beer what would they do for other drugs...

Last year Enrique mentioned this poblem to me. For many, many years Mexico has served as a supplier and as a transporter of drugs for the US. More recently, though, Mexicans have become consumers.

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