A lot of Testosterone.

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I found the description of Tom Buchanan particularly humorous. It really reminded me of the "stereotypical manly man" that is commonly the punch-line of  jokes. The quote "'Now, don't think my opinion on these matters is final,' he seemed to say 'just because I am stronger and more of a man than your are.'" sums this up quite well. When coupled with Nick's earlier account of him does a good job of painting a picture of this character. 

Not only is this line good at describing this new character but it also does a good job showing what kind of person Nick is. He can understand what kind of people the other characters are and I think that this distinction is probably important for the plot of the story.


Alicia Campbell said:

I also think Tom Buchanan is an interesting character. I think it is ironic that he is described as being so physically strong, because I think his having an affair depicts him as weak. He is also very quick to judge and put down others; for instance, I was particularly enraged by all of his talk about the dominant race and suppressing the other races. While he may be among the majority, I feel his inability to remain faithful to his wife places him amongsts the most inferior of men.

Your point about Tom being quick to judge contrasts him with Nick, an observer who goes to great pains at the beginning of the book to tell us that he reserves judgments.

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