Rich With Gold?

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I chose to write about Nothing Gold Can Stay because I enjoyed it overall as a poem. Typically Im not a poem kind of person, as I am sure many people would say, but I think this poem is short, sweet, and meaningful.

Im not especially good at symbolism but I can say what I felt the poem was about, and I think that might be just as important as what Frost meant. I felt like the poem was focusing on how delicate the everything really is. From all of his poems it is quite easy to construe that Frost enjoys the outdoors but he also understands how fragile it can be. After all, a little over  200 years ago most of North America was pretty much wilderness and now we have cities everywhere. In line 6 I really feel that he is referencing a "man destroying nature" kind of view when he says that Eden sank to grief. this is the line that I think really made the poem, it is kind of the central line that jumped off the page at me. He is kind of saying that nothing lasts forever but it can be enjoyed why it is here.


Alyssa Sanow said:

Many would interpret this poem is depressing because it is reinforcing human mortality and the idea that "nothing lasts forever." Your interpetation of Frost encouraging his audience to enjoy it will it is here is a pleasant spin on what would otherwise be a depressing poem!

Christopher Dufalla said:

Sometimes the truth hurts. The truth of the matter with this poem is that mortality is indeed a fact of life. The idea of "seize the day" is another way to put it, but I must agree with Josh on this interpretation. While life must one day end there is still life to live until that end.

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