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"Are riding to work in rows, as if recently brainwashed." (204)

I chose to look at the poem by Plath entitled Insomniac. While reading this poem I was reminded of a novel that was made into a rather popular movie called fight club. While the movie fight club has the charming Brad Pitt and Edward Norton it retains a lot of the message behind the book. There is a scene that is in the book and in the movie where we see the main character have this problem with insomnia. 
The thing is that this insomnia gives rise to a plan that is essentially the revolution of the proletariat. The character that has insomnia sees the world for what it truly is and tries to fix it. 
As I read the poem I saw these parallels where the insomniac can almost see things more clearly when they are the ones who are kind of going crazy.
The pills of all the colors and drugs that dont work leading up to the lines of people with trivial repetitions. 
Then finally the ending quote which almost summarizes the idea in fight club.

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