Academic Article = Boring Article?

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If this is article is typical of all academic articles then i would be forced to conclude that all academic articles are boring. I know this is a very short sighted view point but i mean come on. It seems that this article has a very specific audience and one must have extensive knowledge of the "dust bowl" era, the bible, and of course The grapes of Wrath. This fact coupled with the dry language makes for a difficult read. Enough about my opinion on how terrible the article was.

I think that some interesting points are raised in the beginning and i cant help but relate it to fosters chapter 18 about baptisms with water. 
I liked the point that was raised about the family wanting water in the beginning then when they are traveling the water is something that slows them down. This is an interesting contrast and I think that it is something that is key to the plot of the story. If the family could have had the rain where and when they needed it then they would have never had to leave their homes. This is a testament to how powerful nature is compared to man.
I think the thesis is relating the american myth of the garden with the myth of the frontier (the beginning of the second paragraph) 

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