Blindness and obscurity.

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"There are lots of things that happen when a writer introduces a blind character into a story and even more in a play." Foster 202.

The reason why i chose this quote is because it seems kind of obscure. In all the stories that I have read Im not suer I can come up with many in which there is a blind character. Sure we have the story of oedipus but really how many stories have blind characters? 

Of course things happen when we see a blind character (no pun intended...) but isnt that obvious? We see people in real life with handicaps and it doesnt really mean anything just like the idea with the scars that foster presents. But how exciting would a story with a blind person be if the writer didnt present it in a meaningful way? 

I feel like im on repeat with the idea that foster provides interesting points and some of them are rather clever - in the sense that i wouldnt have thought about that if someone hadnt said it - but it is kind obvious that things are there for a reason.


Carlos Peredo said:

I agree. I felt like all Foster really says it "Stuff means stuff." Sure it's nice to be reminded that in literature everything has a meaning, but i agree it's pretty obvious. And since it's impossible for him to tell us what it means, the best he can do is tell us to try our hardest to figure it out. Thus, the chapter can be boiled down to:

"When you're reading, things mean things. There's no right way to figure out what the things mean, so just give it your best shot as long as you have evidence."

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