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This is my portfolio of blogs for EL 267. When we first started blogging I wasn't really into it but i see now that it is an easy way to communicate with the other students in the class. It works especially well in a night class where we only meet once a week.
At first my entries weren't that clever or insightful but as I got into the blogging and got used to it i started to have some more depth and even generated some pretty good discussion.

These are all my blog entries that I have done, they were all posted online on or before their due dates. I'm pretty cool like that.
Love and money

On these entries I feel that I really got into the blog and put some time and thought in. Some of the ideas were clever and others not so much, but I put more time into these for sure.

It was hard for me to really interact with my peers and get involved in the blog conversations. But I did have a few blogs that generated some good conversation with the other students. On the love and money blog i didn't actually reply to the comments that were up because they were more statements that agreed with my blog rather than insightful questions, but it still got a lot of attention from my peers.

Again it was hard for me to really get used to the idea of commenting insightful things to get conversation rolling on other peoples blogs, but as the semester progressed I definitely got better.
Alicia Campbell - Flipping the bird
Julianne Banda - offstage importance

These tended to be my first couple of entries where I was still getting used to the idea of blogging. I didnt say anything particularly insightful or clever I just kind of got it done.


Thanks for your honest evaluation of what you put into, and got out of, your online discussion. I agree, you have grown into this assignment and your entries are dependably thought-provoking and challenging. Keep up the good work.

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