Smoking reefer cigarettes.

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"I havent smoked a reefer since, however; not becasue they're illegal, but because to see around corners is enough (that is not unusual when you are invisible)" (Ellison 13).

I decided to talk about this particular quote because I found it very interesting. (Isnt that why we look at specific quotes?) That the narrator describes how he felt when he was under the influence of this substance and how he liked it but it was too much, is specifically what I found interesting. 
In being invisible the narrator is used to seeing things that others miss. He conveys the idea that he is particularly clever and observant throughout the prologue, and i think that this is what the reader is supposed to get. When smoking reefer he got the sense that he could hear around corners as well. He could really hear what Louis Armstrong was saying, but he lost motivation to  care like he normally would.
The narrator says the drug destroys ones perception of time and as such it influences the ability to act, something that the narrator believes very strongly in. The prologue sets up a very interesting character who is mature and intelligent then we move to the first chapter start to see where he came from and why he can understand himself so well.

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