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The blogging has certainly been a good experience this semester. It is time consuming and tedious, but I found that it really did spark conversation in class that was helpful. Since we had to blog I feel that everyone came to class with something insightful to share. It kind of forced my to prepare myself for class every week. This was helpful because in a once a week night class there is always the tendency to put everything off and not think about the class at all until the night before. 
Blogging has also shown me exactly what I did all semester and hopefully it will be helpful in studying for the final!
Overall I would say that I have provided some detailed blogs that have been thought provoking. I did not just do it to get it done, I really took advantage of the Internet to share my ideas.


Almost all of my blogs were posted on thursday or friday (or on monday with the poem selections that weren't due until monday) The only exceptions were one on invisible man and one on foster. I guess I just dropped the ball that time. Overall I would say that I kept up with the blogging on time.


For the most part all of my blogs concentrated on a specific quote and I expanded on what I thought of it. Usually this expansion related to the work as a whole or some personal opinion.  


These are my entries where I think I put some extra time and effort into blogging. The ideas that I gave may not be that impressive but I feel that I spent some time and thought on them.


I didnt really get that much peer feedback on my blogs, this might be because I posted my entries later in the day so they were lower on the list, or maybe my entries werent clever enough for others to comment on. Regardless I still generated some good comments on my blogs. Most notably on What is going on where I had 7 comments and good conversation going. I think that I generated more physical conversations in class by referring to specific blogs than i did on the actual blogs themselves. Again I think this probably had to do with this being the first class that I had to blog in, as well as the workload of having to read so much and comment.

Rosalind Blair - Free Will VS Determinism
Chelsie Bitner - seX, sEX, SEX
Alicia Campbell - This Concept has Staying Power - Unfortunately

Again I feel that I provided more valuable insights to people's ideas in class but there were still blogs that I feel I helped get the conversation moving and provided some good questions/answers on my peers blogs. I think I did better on this, this time around. 

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