Sexy Symbols

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I had a teacher in high school who told us that symbols in books could always relate sex. This is a little unorthodox probably for a high school teacher but he was rather unorthodox. While this certainly got a rise out of the general populace of the classroom, but we found that in general it was true. Basically we broke down stories like red riding hood and talked about how they related to sex. The wolf eating them, the red on her cape, ect. Essentially this chapter just reminded me of that. 
The part that i really found interesting was the reference to the quest for the holy grail. Again we see the typical insertion of "this symbol means this" that anyone can argue with, but it certainly the viewpoint has merit. I never thought of the quest for the holy grail in these terms. The lance, the grail, a pure knightly man, i mean really. This is what we have been saying in class with regards to Foster pretty much all semester. We see what he is saying, its pretty obvious, yet we cant quite place our finger on it with out his help, and we also cant help but argue with his opinions.

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