Who were you talking to on the phone? Me.

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"Me. it was me. I'm down in the Monroe Street Parking Garage, no clothes, fifteen degrees below zero. God I hope the car starts." p 449

Contrasting this scene with the one that we see from "our henry" (as ill call him) is really interesting. Obviously this scene is a huge foreshadowing of what happens later in the book but when I read it the first time i had no idea how serious it was. I thought they were going to save him, or at least he wouldn't be out there that long. 
I personally think that It is weird how he time travelled like that because up to this point he has never been in that serious of danger as a result. He had trouble with the law, and fights but he never was in tha kind of danger. He even would time travel away before the cops could ever actually book him and when he was younger he time traveled just a little bit to save his own life in the car. I just found it intriguing that this particular time travel was so devastating to him. I seemed like it was out of no where. (Not really counting the cage in the library...)

I didnt actually say anything particularly clever about the story, but I just found this interesting. I mean it kind of made me mad... Why are you doing this to my favorite character... I mean the book wouldnt have been the same, but still...

This is more of a personal reaction to the story, but it is something that i pondered. Are there any interesting things that came to your mind about the story or things that happened that sparked some emotion? (like everything from this page on...)



April Minerd said:

I see your point, up until the Hypothermia scene Henry's survival skills have seen him through. It couldn't have been the only time he ever time-traveled someplace cold, but eventually it had to happen somehow, with all the emphasis placed on Henry running everyday and his "stealth and speed" are my best assets remarks. I was more bothered by the ‘6’ miscarriages. Couldn’t Niffenegger have reduced it to maybe 3 or something, that was awful! I don’t mean to sound too negative; I really did like this book.

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