Here's the Wind-up...And the Pitch....

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"Look at it from the editor's point of view. This is not selling out or 'playing the game,' this is framing your idea in a way that will strike the right chords with the newspaper and get your story into print." -Joe Grimm, How to pitch a story

So often reporters are worried about "selling out."  Covering that big corporation feud between millionaire owners when you really want to do a piece on the homeless in your town can seem like pushing aside your values.  But, really, here's the thing: If your paper won't print it, you're writing for an audience of one.  That's not saying drop the original idea.  Stick to writing about the homeless, but give it a spin.  Your editor is more interested in the business pieces right now?  Fine.  How is the presence of the homeless effecting marketing?  Are people avoiding these places to elude the poor on the streets? 

Despite Joe Grimm's claim to the contrary, this is "playing the game".  It's just that playing the game isn't such a horrible thing.  It's not a compromise of moral integrity; it's making sure your voice is heard so you can (if not now, then eventually) write about the stories that matter.


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