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One difference listed between an English essay and a news article struck me as slightly misrepresented.  It was listed that when writing an English essay, the author is expected to write as a learner, whereas a journalist is expected to write as an expert.  I completely agree that a journalist should seem like an authority on his/her article, however, the same commanding tone is also expected when a student is writing an essay for a literature class.  A writer has to own his or her opinion, no matter what discipline he/she is writing in.  Never once have I consciously written an essay with a questioning, second-guessing tone, though, to me, that is what is implied when one is writing as a "learner." "I suppose Dickens may have meant this, but I'm not really positive, for I am but a learner..." would not earn anyone a passing grade.  Obviously that was an extreme example, but my point is that every author has to write with a tone of authority.  A reader expects to be led by someone who knows where he/she is going.

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