And the Cycle Continues. I Hope.

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The first article I selected deals with the drowning of a boy in a septic tank. I am banking on some follow-up on this article for several reasons.  The main reason that justifies every other assumption I'll list: The manner of the boy's death has not been determined.  Once this is discovered, the paper will most likely update its readers.  (Some other factors for the continuation of this story are the boys age, 4, the abnormality of the incident, and the fact that an 18-hour search for the boy preceded this story)


The second article I chose deals with a 12-year-old boy being charged with the homicide of his father's pregnant girlfriend.  It still has not been decided whether the boy will be charged as a minor or an adult.  The news in this particular article is that the hearing date has been set (Dec 10).  This fact is pretty much a giveaway that the story will continue.


The third article I chose covers a drug-bust in which 29 people were charged.  These arrests are the result of an 18-month-long investigation.  No trial has taken place yet, so, obviously, there will eventually be more news to cover.  Also, because of the enormity of these arrests, and the length of the investigation, more coverage would behoove the paper and the area.



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