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The multimedia feature from the Arizona Star showed me some of the perks of multimedia evergreen pieces.  The ability to fit a lot of information under one topic was flaunted.  The definition for a landfill was given, which in a regular news article may happen, but if words needed to be cut, you can bet this definition would be one of the first things to go.  Also the videos and the pictures made for an aesthetically pleasing site, whereas a newspaper is more limited, because pretty pictures take up space, so 15 images will most likely not accompany one article.

Something I found hindersome about this site, though, was the number and length of the videos.  Allowing that not everyone has an internet connection that causes videos to take ten minutes to load, watching the videos provided by the site was time-consuming--- a little too much so.  Had I been just browsing the site, I guarrantee I would have skipped the majority of the videos, not for lack of interest, but for lack of patience.  Greta speaks a bit more eloquently about this topic, and offers solutions in her blog.



Kaitlin Monier said:

I agree with you about the videos. Once they popped up, I just clicked the next button because they were taking too long to load.

Aja Hannah said:

I had the same problem with the videos. The internet here has been slow with loading videos especially lengthy ones. I see how they have the space to upload all of this information, but is it really necessary. But then one of the great things about the internet (I guess) is that you don't ahve to stay to watch, like Kaitlin did, you can just click away.

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