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I thought the Cavalier Daily was less overwhelming than the Harvard Crimson.  I'm not a fan of the huge white space between the masthead and the "top stories" section, though that space may be what contributed to the neater look of the web page. 

The pictures at the top were a good way to grab attention, but I like the Crimson's style of spreading out the images.  Without that space, the Cavalier seems text-heavy, and it certainly isn't. 

The article teasers at the top of the page are a good idea, but a little confusing, in my opinion.  Especially since the first one reads like this:




All before a question is asked in a full sentence, which made it seem like the Cavalier was textually burping.  Manners, Cavalier, manners.

The image of the print addition was a thoughtful touch.  I don't know why this appealed to me so much, but I think it added visually to a page that was sadly lacking in images below the fold. 

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Derek T said:

I also liked the Cavalier Daily web page! I found the little teasers to be a little confusing, but I began to read the first one like you did. Those short phrases and questions made me think and read it. I laughed when you referred to the short phrases as being text burping! That was great and funny - thanks for the laugh. The print addition looked very professional just like the Tribune-Review or Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A lot of work was put into that print addition and I like how the reader can view the online website or the print addition based on their specific preference.

Derek T said:

You made me think about Reflection #16: Color vs. Coverage

Greta Carroll said:

Haha. I, like Derek, enjoyed your reference to the blurbs as burps. I thought the article teasers were really confusing. Nor was I impressed with the webpage. I mean the row of pictures did grab your attention, but the absence of any pictures on the rest of the page made it very boring.

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