Ivy League Material?

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I'm going to have to go with Angela on this- I didn't find the Harvard News page that impressive.  OK, the changing images at the top was pretty neat, but...Did anyone else think the pictures changed too fast?  Reason #342 why I'd never get into Harvard; I can't read fast enough.

I guess I'm not really being fair, because I haven't said what I think would improve the site.  Now, I am definitely not a web page master.  I took a series of multimedia classes in high school, so I can sometimes hold my own in a conversation about webpages.  However, it's been so long since I've used those programs (Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks...fun stuff), that I would need to take a class again just to remember everything.  Anyway, the point of that trip down memory lane is that I know webpages can have animation (not just the kind that sits there and stares at you, but more interactive type images), but that can really add to loading time.  After I complained about the loading time in my last blog, I don't think I can really suggest anything to make the site more interesting.  Any thoughts?

My personal conclusion: The site did what it was supposed to do, but because it had the Harvard name attached to it, I, perhaps unreasonably, expected more.



Derek T said:

I did! I was not even able to read the entire caption for the picture before it changed and then, by that point, I was mad. I had to wait for the picture to come back around again and then I had to find my spot and then finish. It was frustrating. I expected more from Harvard, too, but it did look professional.

Wendy Scott said:

In reference to the pictures at the top you guys should look at them again. When I clicked on the images at the bottom of the pictures there were 4 dots if you click on each dot it will return you to that particular image. It is kind of like yahoo's front page when you click on the numbers in the right hand corner of the picture and it flips you through each one. The dots do not prop right up, you have to have your mouse on arrow over the pictures jsut an idea if you wanted to look at the pictures more closely. Great post I got frustrated to until I discovered the trick.

Greta Carroll said:

Josie, perhaps they wanted the slideshow to be fast. If you can’t read the captions, but see a picture that was interesting, you will be more likely to click on the picture and read the whole article. It could be a sneaky technique to get you to read more.

As for the page, itself, I wasn’t awed and amazed by it, but I thought they did a pretty good job. They had pictures interspersed throughout the page, they had some videos in the bottom right of the page, and they had the slideshow. The only two suggestions I have for them to make it better is (1) to make the title of the paper larger so it jumps out more and (2) add the possibility to look at a pdf of the print copy of the paper like the Cavalier had.

And I think you’re probably right about people having exceptionally high expectations because it is Harvard.

Angela Palumbo said:

Thanks for the shout out Josie! This blog actually made me laugh out loud so kudos to you. Getting down to business, I like how you linked to so many web pages, way to apply some of the things we've learned in class. (My high school mascot was an indian, too.) I also liked how you applied some of your past knowledge to make your criticisms more realistic. Poor victimized Harvard. We all picked on them so much. Well while they're making six figures, we'll probably trying to find a job. I'm just kidding.

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