Slowly but Surely

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These are the links I've found so far.  Also, today I just completed an interview with the Financial Aid department at Seton Hill, which will be a part of the story.  So far there is  some contrast between how Seton Hill is handling the economy crisis and how other schools are dealing with it, which I found interesting.  Here's where I'm hoping the interactive part of the blogs will help me out: Is there anything about student finances and the economy that you're dying to know?

Students Feeling Economy's Crunch

-An article discussing the difficulty of landing a loan due to the credit crisis.  States that of the federally backed loans, 40% of them are made through the government, and not affected by the market turmoil.

Financial Aid

-This website was listed as a source in the above article, as a website that tracks financial aid industries.

Economy Sending More Students to Community College

-An article stating that when the economy dips, more students enroll in community colleges.

8 Top-Paying Part-Time Jobs for Students

-Lists the top eight part-time jobs for college students, factoring in flexibility, pay, and resume shaping.

Oversight board rejects Pittsburgh budget proposal

-Mayor Luke Ravenstahl proposed a 1% tax on college students.  The proposal was rejected, but the Mayor wants to go through with the bid regardless.


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