Nothing Gold Can Stay. Or can it?

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I decided to do this entry on the poem that was actually assigned to my group in class. Nothing Gold Can Stay. This has always been a favorite of mine. He describes that youth in nature cannot last forever. In the very first line of the poem he says," Nature's first green is gold." He is talking about how things bud and turn into these beautiful plants or flowers. These things should be cherished for all they are worth because within a few weeks or months they will be gone. But the one thing he doesn't mention in this is that they come back around the next year. So it actually really can stay if you think about it. But in the comparison of nature to a human life, it is a true statement for not everyone can be a little kid forever. You must cherish your youth when you have it and use it to your full advantage. I think his meaning in this poem is very deep for such a short poem that could be blown off in an instant. 

After Apple Picking.

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As I read this poem I really felt that I was in the apple orchard and seeing everything going on. The line that sparked my attention was line 17 and 18. He starts to dream and its as if the fantasy world is speaking to him about his own apple orchard. It seems to be with him in every aspect of his life. And at the very end he compares his sleep to a woodchuck. That threw me off a bit but then it was resolved with that it was only his human sleep. I like his transitions from reality to dream and dream to reality. 


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