Portfolio 3

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It's the end of my freshman year at Seton Hill University and I have never been happier. College is nothing like high school! I actually had to think and find out where the library was.(haha....no, but really I found out its that buiding right infront of my dorm) As for Intro to Literary Study, it was not as bad as I buit myself up to think. It taught me how to make deeper meaningful connections between texts and come to class prepared to have something to talk about. That's where blogging comes in. It's not my favorite, but I will admit its a good lead in to the next day's class. Dr. Jerz it's been great and here is my last portfolio.


Coverage: Sometimes it was just one of those days where you are scrambling to get all your school work done just in time to get maybe some sleep and then class. On those days just get the quote and and explain its significance to you.

Timeliness: So you have some extra time on your hands and decide to complete your blogging on time. Good for you!

Depth: Got a lot to tak about!

Interaction: Another way the internet provides ways of talking back and forth with your peers.

Discussion: You actually could relate to your peer and others found out they had similar or opposing views and wanted to discuss them.

I have enjoyed this course and it has tuaght me a lot. I am glad I have taken it my freshman year because it has helped me transfer from a high school students mind to now a college student about to embark on her second year! Thanks Dr. Jerz

images help

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"Deadlines were sometimes kilometers long. This  one was just a bit longer than a wall of the bathroom" (Ender's 203).

I thought the text did a good job of showing images. I know for myslef that I had no idea what a deadline was. Especially since this plot dealt with the military I was going to be lost with terms, but the text did a good job of using discriptive words and imagery for me to get the jist of it.

The bible

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"The initial models for free verse poems were psalms and the Song of Solomon in the King James Version of the Bible" (Hamilton 239).

Wow! I feel like everything I have learned thus far in college comes from the bible. I took the 2 and a half hour course Bible as Literature and lets just say I have never new that so many concepts and words came from the Bible. Coming into this year I did not know what to expect but I never learned about the Bible so closely  growing up as I do now. Then again this is a Catholic school. I guess I should have expected it.

No more quotes

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"MLA style encourages you to expend fewer words introducing your sources, and more words developing your own ideas."

When I used to write I would always spend so much time writing out quotes and then expanding upon them. But that was highschool. When I came to Seton Hill I learned how to incorporate the important words or ideas in my sentences. So instead of having a sentence put aside for a quote, I only use a few words of that quote in my sentence to help prove my point.

Enjambed lines

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"Enjambed lines...also called run-on lines, are those in which the sentence or clause continues for two or more lines of verse; no punctuation appears at the end of the enjambed line" (Hamilton 204).

Enjambed line! When I read this I thought to myself "what are those?" Who knew that was just a complex term for the very simple term, run-on lines. I personall like to keep things simple, so I'm going to stick with calling them run-on lines.

Urban Dictionary is wack!

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M'Kay - just another way to say okay. I liked this because I feel people, mainly my friends, used to say this all the time. But now I believe it has been relpaced with the letter "k." Especially with texting and AIM. 

P-Town - relating to any town that starts with the letter "P." I thought this was interesting cause the first thing I thought of was Pittsburgh. And the link I found was of a shirt that says I LOVE P-TOWN. Wierd!

w-hibbely bibbely - when someone tells a lie to make someone else happy. First of all I have never heard this before in my life and I can't believe I found other people using it on their blogs for another site.

The Pittsburgh Penguins: my anti-drug

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The Pittsburgh Penguins. My home team I LOVE!
We have team captain Sidney Crosby,
Sharing a home with Pittsburgh's Best Athlete.
The trade took away Colby and Eric.
Stacked the team with Hossa, Dupruis, and Gill.
No one wants to fight Roberts or Laraque.
Some teams try to stop the Pittsburgh Steel Line,
Only to have the goal buzzer to go off.
We win games due to Marc-Andre Fleury,
And the Pens will bring home the STANLEY CUP!!

Theme used in my unit plan

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"The theme of a lterary work is a central idea that it conveys...the theme differs from the subject of the work" (Hamilton 154). 

I decided to blog about this quote because I related it back to the unit plan I am writing in one of my education courses. For my unit plan I have to decide on a theme that the unit will cover and then have daily lessons that all apply to the theme. For this I am using an advanced organizer that shows how each lesson relate to the general theme. I always confused the theme and subject by thinking they were the same thing, but they're not and I now realize that. 

Portfolio 2

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I feel that I have come along way over the past few months. My last portfolio allowed me to see that I needed to pick up in some areas of my writing. I love to use my blog to talk about the first thoughts that come to my mind when using a quote. Intro to Literary Study has pushed me to work harder and to reach a higher level thinking. 




This blog caused my peers to relate to me and disagree. Katie Vann was able to relate my blog to our jobs at the CDC. On the other hand, I had Greta explain how she was the opposite of my blog.
I recieved many comments and feedback on this blog
In case you did not realize, the comments I posted early or on time I had many more conversations started on my blog. Here's another one!

I decided to add a catagory that I found important.

Inspiration for ME

I can never decide when I need a hyphen

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"It's a funny old mark, the hyphen. Always has been. People have argues for its abolition for years..."(Truss 168).

I am not a fan of the hyphen like I am the exclamation mark. The hyphen gets me every time! I can never decide if a word needs a hypen of if the saying is just two seperate words. I also do not feel that the hypen is as important. It just confuses people. Think of the numbers. For example, twenty- six. Without the hyphen it reads twenty six. Still is the same number to me. 

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