And here the women go again.

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Mrs. Page: "Wives may be merry, and yet honest too. We do not act that often jest and laugh" (line 95-96).

When I reached this part of the story I just had to stop and blog about it. I truely enjoy the schemes the women are able to pull off on Falstaff. They are able to embarress him while remaining honest in a way. They know that thier husbands would want an explanation to keep their honesty record clean, but the two women really want to humiliate Falstaff in a grand way before telling their husbands 


Juliana Cox said:

Just another thing I wanted to mention. GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford are definitley achieving this concept.

I believe this is the quote that gave Shakespeare the title of his play. I love how the women justify their actions and say that they can be both merry and honest. I think that they are really trying to break down the stereotype of that time period.

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