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"Now that was gone and she was--well, frightfully mediocre--not stagy; only rediculous, like a Greenwich Villager who had left her spectacles at home."
When I fisrt read this quote I thought it important to classify the meanings of some of the words. The language is what gives this quote meaing due to Bernice's comparrison that is trying to be made. Bernice begins to talk about how she was mediocre without her long, lucious hair. She felt as if her hair identified herself and gave her great status, but without it she was just ordinary, bland, and of low value. She then refers to herself as no longer being stagy. When I think of stagy I think of the theater and how everything happening on stage is dramatic and attention grabbing. Now that Bernice does not have her long locks she does not have the attention she was recieveing at dances with many boys cutting in every few minutes while she was dancing. I personlly believe this is a good thing that happened to Bernice because in the beginning of the story she was a shy social girl that did not get much attention, but she changed her image for all the wrong reasons. Therefore, I really enjoyed the the last half of the quote about how she felt she was "a Greenwich Villager who had left her spectacles at home." I believe this takes the story full circle and brings it back to where everythign started, at the theater, where on the balcony the stag was very hard to see. 


Juliana, I enjoyed this comment. I never noticed the circular motion that you pointed out.

For future blog entries, include the name of the story you're writing about, and include a link to the appropriate page on the course website, so that someone who happens across this entry at random will be able to make sense of it. (It only makes sense to me because I know what story I assigned over the weekend.)

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