Similies Make Me SMILE!

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"A simile is a figure of thought in which one kind of thing is compared to a markedly different object, concept, or experience..." (Hamilton 32).

Ok. So I opened my book to complete the reading and find a subject of interest to blog about. Well, boy did I get lucky. I turned to the first page and the first word that caught my eye was simile. I absolutly love love similes. I think similies are a great way to compare two things without going into deep explaination for a paragraph explaining the differences and similarities. I especially like to read similies in poems. Poems are generally short so they do not have sentences and paragraphs to waste trying to make a point comparing ideas. Therefore, similies are a great way to create a clear fast point. I also enjoy them because it is up to the reader to find them and make the comparison. 

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