The Anonymous Mother

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"The childern's mother..." (O'Connor 2). "Bailey and the children's mother..." (O'Connor 3). "...looking for the childern's mother" (O'Connor 12).
As you can see Flannery O'Connor repetitivley refers to Bailey's wife as the children's mother. Her character is never given a name, just a description of being the mother to the kids. At first I believed that Flannery may have had a bad relationship with her mother, but was not able to come up with concret facts to support this conclusion after reading some of her bios I found online. The other interpretaion I gave was that maybe she did not have a strong character; therefore she was given a discription of the role that she placed in society and in the house.
What do you guys think?


Maddie Gillespie said:

I think you'd be right. Women during that time were probably one of two things, or at least somewhere in between: Firm and outspoken or quiet and bland. I believe the children's mother was the latter. If you don't have a strong, loud, or otherwise contributing character, why go to the trouble of fleshing them out? The mother wasn't all that important to the story either.

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