Vacation with Harry Potter

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"In a sense, every story or poem is a vacation, and every writer has to ask, everytime, where is this one taking place ?" (Foster 163).
I know that when I read a book I can get very bored very easily. That is why it is important to grab the readers attention fast. Reading is supose to spark imagination and creativity that is why it is important to ask yourself when you write if you are setting up an atmposhere that readers want to go and stay by not putting down a book. I know when I find a good book I never want to put it down. I just want to keep reading and reading, but when I do have to step away I look forward to returning. I believe a great example of an author that has offered a vast number of readers a vacation spot is J.K. Rowling. She provided a large series set of the Harry Potter Books. The books went flying of the shelves so she must have been offering a vacation spot for her readers to keep wanting more.

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