Violence used to be the answer

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Shallow: "Ha! O' my life, if I were young again, the sword should end it" (MWW p.5).

I found from the beginning that Shallow was a character that would much rather things accure and be delt with by old fashioned ways rather than the new ways. In the above quote he mentions how a sword, basically violence, would have been the answer back in the older days. 


Maddie Gillespie said:

Haven't you ever wished that things were simpler? I mean, everyone's had that one (or unfortunately several) idiot that's fool-bent on making trouble for the entire class. Everyone either despises them or merely goads them along into causing more mayhem. My grandfather's told stories of how he'd actually paddle high school kids when they were late or talked back to him, and haven't you ever just wanted to sock that delinquent, making him shut up once and for all? Nowadays, it seems as if you can't do or say anything that won't upset another into suing you before you can blink. Sometimes it's just nice to imagine that you could cut through a bunch of red tape with a sword and simply be done with it.

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