In Loco-Parentis

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"To some of your students, whether you asked for the job or not, you are also a surrogate father or mother" (Lemire 23).

In loco-parentis. This term pretty much sums up the quote that I picked out. In Foundations of Education this is one of the first concepts that students learn. When students arrive to your classroom you now take on the parent figure. You responsible to make decisions in the best interest for the child and also provide a safe environment for each child. In another part of this chapter that list all the many roles a teacher is. It is very important for future and current teachers to understand that being a teacher requires you to fulfill unlimited roles.


Stephanie Wytovich said:

That's a really interesting entry! I knew thought of that while I was reading, and I'm glad you explained a little more about loco-parentis. That's a nifty little term to use, haha!
But in all honestly, it does make sense. The teacher does take on the parent figure in education. They are molding you for your future endeavors in your educational endeavors, and are there to talk to if you have a question. They are the ones guiding you through the tests and preparing you for college. It's a intersing take on the excerpt! Good job :)

Angela Palumbo said:

By the way Juliana, I do in fact have a post from you on my blog if you do not already know that.

Greta Carroll said:

You are right Juliana, I remember learning about that in Foundations too. It is a pretty overwhelming and scary thought that we will have such a large responsibility as teachers. It is yet another reason why people should only teach if they really want to. Erica makes this point in her blog; you might want to check it out.

Angelica Guzzo said:

I remember this in Foundations of Education too. As a teacher you will have to take on many roles, not just an educator.

Sometimes it can be surprising how much a teacher can mean to a student. The teacher may not even realize that a student has nobody to look up to at home and that the teacher is her only role model. That is why I get so angry when people put teachers down because they do so much more than teach; they care. Great analysis, Juliana.

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