Mrs. McIntyre's actions or lack there of.

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"She heard the break on the laege tractor slip...and that she had started to shout to the Displaced Person but that she had not" (O'Connor 250). 

I don't know what Mrs. McIntyre was thinking at this moment, but if I had to guess the worst comes to my mind. Not yelling anything to forwarn Mr. Guizac would save her from having to fire him because eventhough that is waht she was there to do I do not believe she would have followed through with her plan. She has never had to fire anyone because every previous worker had just left her. Sorrowly, Mr. Guizac didn't choose to leave he was killed. In a wierd way I am glad he died in this fashion rather than have stayed in his country and have been killed there. At least here he had a fighting chance to survive and for his family to survive. In the story they talked about how once he got enough money he would leave her anyways. I don't think this was as big as Mrs. and Mr. Shortly made it out to be because Mr. Guizac deserved to be paid more becasue he finished more tasks in a manorly time and because everyone is out to bennefit themselves. That's how society works. 


Angela Palumbo said:

The point that you make, Juliana, is a good one. Mrs. McIntyre got out of firing Mr. Guizac so she was probably somewhat relieved that he was crushed. This is really sad that a person could look at a negative situation like this one and be happy because they benefit from it. At the same time, it is making a positive out of a negative which is a good quality. There is obviously a gray area but I think that this situation is more bad than good. Mr. Guizac was a good worker, her employee and on her land so she had an obligation to do whatever she could to try to keep him safe. She should have at least tried to warn him but then maybe she did. As Juliana said, we are never let into Mrs. McIntyre’s head to know whether she is speechless and would like to warn the displaced person, she is hopeful that it will kill him so she doesn’t have to fire him or whether it would even matter if she did warn him.

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