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"But the real question is not how well I did at work but how well I did at life in general, which includes eating and having a place to stay" (Ehrenreich 196). 

I believe this quote pretty much explains her life at the poverty level. Her life was a constant worry about being able to provide for herself. Imagine if she had a family. The pressure would be even more demanding. She found out that to provide for a single person it sometimes required her to work two jobs. The entire time she lived in poverty was spent learning how to survive!


Angela Palumbo said:

This quote you picked, Juliana, is a striking truth of reality. Work is what we all will do at one time or another unless you are an heir or heiress. There are three general categories of jobs. Some people get jobs that they love. Their job is an extension of their personality and they get paid for it. Singers and professional clowns are a great example of this. Then there are the people who are pleased with their jobs. These people go to work and kind of enjoy what they do, but they may or may not quit if they win the lottery. I have had some teachers that would fit into this category. The last category, the one Ehrenreich’s character “Barb” fits into, are the people that go to work every morning saying, “Oh my gosh! I hate getting up in the mornings (ouch! My foot hurts because yesterday I stood on my feet for nine hours) but I have to do what I have to do and maybe at the end of the day I’ll have the money to buy some chicken nuggets off of the Wendy’s 99 cent menu!” Many people take for granted their meals and shelter. People throw away whole trays of food because they were just not hungry. Then why did they take the food in the first place?! The people who fit into the last category make me appreciate what I have. Ehrenreich does a good job of making us think of the people who make our every day lives convenient at their own inconvenience. Thanks to the maids, nursing home workers, “Wal-Martian[s]” (153), waitresses and everyone else who have jobs that pay barely enough. Your work is appreciated and you do deserve more than you get!

Stephanie Wytovich said:

Wow. That was an awesome quote to pick because it really did summarize her lifestyle of poverty in a nutshell!
I work with a girl that is in a similiar position as our author, except that she has six kids, with one of her kids being pregnant. It's so hard to see her struggle. Mind you she has a home and what not, but she is still under a lot of pressure. Waitressing is NOT fun for any of you that haven't tried it. You have to constantly listen to people complain (and resist the urge to put them in their place), you only get paid 2.83 a hour (plus tips, which sometimes you don't really get), and in addition to your job, you do all the clean up and side work of the restaurant. I know that I've done 3 jobs at once before in the restaurant. I've cooked, waitressed, and bused my tables, and still only left the day with $30. I mean come on. That's rediculous. I think that the government needs to think their wage value, becuase someone can just simply not live under those circumstances.

Kaitlin Monier said:

This quote makes me grateful for what I have. Many families, it seems, live paycheck to paycheck and struggle simply for a roof and food. They do not have extra money to see a movie or to go on vacation.

Jessie Farine said:

This quote really is a good one. Some of the people I work with are not doing well at life at all. They work multiple jobs to support themselves and their family, put food on the table, buy the table, and pay the house that contains them all. On top of that, they don't even get much time to sleep and are completely dependent on coffee to keep them up on their feet. I don't understand how a person can do this or how a person should even have to do this. It really is ridiculous how people in our country can be forced to live this way.

This is basically why I'm even at SHU.

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