Trust the Compass

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"If you are considering teaching because you can't think of anything else to do, stop. You should not enter the teaching profession by default or with a sense of resignation" (Lemire 13).

When I decided I wanted to become a teacher everyone told me how easy it was going to be. I always had to stand up for myself and let others know that teaching is NOT easy! Therefore, I thought this passage brought up a good point. Teaching is hard work and I do not like the stereotype that many people have put on the teaching profession. Especially since I want to teach elementary kids, people think that is even easier. You should go into the teaching profession because you have a passion for it. Like Micheal Sims stated it should be like a compass. There is just some magnetic force that attracts you to the career you want to have. That should be why you enter the teaching profession.


Angela Palumbo said:

Agreed Juliana. There are way too many people that take teachers for granted. It is a hard profession with hours of work outside of the classroom that you don't get paid to do. I know that there is a Administrative assistant appriciation day but is there a teacher's appriciation day? I don't know.

Katie Vann said:

I too, liked that quote. Sometimes I wonder if I'm in the teaching field for the wrong reason. I want to work with kids and especially special education students, but sometimes I feel as though thats not exactlty what I want to do. But then, when I look around, there doesn't seem to be anything I could do. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

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