Why would she want to lose her identity

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"...during a month of poverty and toil, no one recognizes my face or my name, which goes unnoticed and for the most part unuttered" (Ehrenreich 11).

I found this passage to be sad. Just to write a book and prove a point she was really isolated from the world. At least, her true identity was. I saddens me to think that there would be no one in her life that would miss her and that her name could be "unuttered" for this long period of time. I think in a way she was losing herself just to write a book, and she might have been okay with this idea but I know I could never go through that and to give up the life that I have.


Stephanie Wytovich said:

I agree with you that it would be very emotional and stressful to have to go through what she did, but I think that a lot of the times writers need to get out of themesleves and into someone else to write a book.
It is like she knew that she couldn't write a book about poverty and hardships unless she was in essence, a part of it. That's what the book is good because it reveals the living proof,and truth of what is going on in our world today. Even though I didn't like some of the things she did with her lifestyle, she portrayed everyone else's life in the heartbreaking light that it was. It's almost like it could have been on MTV (or somehting) for the TRUE LIFE: I'm in poverty and in the lower class, episode.

Greta Carroll said:

Yes, it is sad how Ehrenreich feels. But, I think the really sad thing is that many people are unable to escape that feeling of being unimportant and unknown. Ehrenreich was just living that life for a time, for the other people that is their reality.

I think it was important for Ehrenreich to have this experience because it was obviously something foreign to her. Although it was lonely and sad at times, she learned something from it. It's the same reason why we, as Americans, should travel to other countries (especially those less fortunate than us). It may not be pleasant; it may be shocking. But in the end, it opens our minds and makes us appreciate what we have even more.

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