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"Writers express themselves through words. Communicators may express themselves through words accompied by pictures, music, charts and diagrams, and interactive media" (Lemire 156).

I found this quote interesting. After reading it and relating it to myself I have come to conclude that Iam more of a communicator. I love to wtite but I feel more comfortable and think I can express myself and give more meaning to my words through visual aids. This is also the way I learn so I feel it goes hand-in-hand.

"Regardless of your major, however, remember: your major is not you. Nor is your future determined or limited by your major" (Lemire 183). 

This statement is actually very relieving to me. I am an English Literature major, but I am certain that I do not want to teach high school students with this major. I also am getting certifications in elementary, early childhood, and special education. These are my true passions and describe me better. I love kids and I love teaching a variety of subjects. 

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