I can never decide when I need a hyphen

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"It's a funny old mark, the hyphen. Always has been. People have argues for its abolition for years..."(Truss 168).

I am not a fan of the hyphen like I am the exclamation mark. The hyphen gets me every time! I can never decide if a word needs a hypen of if the saying is just two seperate words. I also do not feel that the hypen is as important. It just confuses people. Think of the numbers. For example, twenty- six. Without the hyphen it reads twenty six. Still is the same number to me. 


Tiffany Gilbert said:

I can't remember a time before Newswriting last semester when I learned about hyphens. I don't think I ever did. So now that I know when to use them, I think I go hypen-happy like I do with commas. I thought Dr. Jerz was crazy when he talked about hypens for over a week. But now that I understand WHY they are needed instead of when, it makes the lesson much more worthwhile. So I guess I can be just as excited about hypens and exclamation marks....(like you).
Thanks Dr. J

Kaitlin Monier said:

I don't always understand when to use a hyphen either, but sometimes I think it is important (though not always). Truss provided a few examples of words that need the hyphen because without it, the word could mean two different things. Re-form and reform are one example.

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