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"For a millennium and a half, punctuation's purpose was to guide actors, chanters and reader-aloud through stretches of manuscript, indicating the pauses..."(Truss 72).

I think that punctuation still holds this purpose. Punctuation allows readers to know when to pause during the reading of a passage. Also, I think depending on where punctuation is placed, it can give the sentence new meaning. Like we discussed in class when you place a comma in different areas the sentence reads differently. This is why I find it diffucult when writing to make sure my pnctuation reads the way I want my writing to read. 


Kaitlin Monier said:

Punctuation is important in technical grammar. It is also important when writing stylistically. If a writer uses a comma in a certain place, even if it is unnecessary, it is usually meant for a break, a pause, or meant to give time to a certain thought. I talked about this in my blog: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/KaitlinMonier/2008/04/commas_add_style.html

Punctuation is very important in poetry because it indicates how the text was meant to be read aloud. There are poetry readings all the time! Punctuation is not just a grammatical tool to a poet, it is a device that can invoke certain kinds of meaning in the poem. This also affects the tone of the poem, about which I just wrote a blog entry.

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