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"The initial models for free verse poems were psalms and the Song of Solomon in the King James Version of the Bible" (Hamilton 239).

Wow! I feel like everything I have learned thus far in college comes from the bible. I took the 2 and a half hour course Bible as Literature and lets just say I have never new that so many concepts and words came from the Bible. Coming into this year I did not know what to expect but I never learned about the Bible so closely  growing up as I do now. Then again this is a Catholic school. I guess I should have expected it.


Greta Carroll said:

I learned a ton in Bible as Lit too. And I must say I never noticed that a lot of parts of the Bible were in verse till I took that course. I noticed pretty quickly that many section were seemingly randomly indented. I figured out pretty quick why that was, but I think we get so use to reading the Bible in a certain way that we forget to look at it from other perspectives, one of those being as a literary work. BAL helped us look at the Bible in a new way, something that college classes are good at doing in general.

Katie Vann said:

Hahaha. BAL, that was your favorite class, wasn't it Juliana? Mine too :). But we did learn how to look and read the Bible in different ways (even though I think many of the times we weren't sure which way we were going). Gretta, you made a good statement saying that sometimes we get so used to reading the Bible a certain way that we forget there are other persepectives. At first when we started studying the Bible in BAL I had a hard time understanding that you could read and interpret it in different ways other than what I had been taught when growing up. But now, I feel comfortable reading it to study it more than for personal reading.

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